Here is ZINE #20
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With the slogan "Create a unique book", "Here is ZINE" was taken over by the Tokyo creative group enlightenment in 2010, inviting creative people from different fields to participate in the creation. It has been successfully held for 20 times so far. In 2021, the spirit of "Here is ZINE" once again unites Hong Kong miniminigallery and Shenzhen Frontier Art Center as cooperative units, and extends to the European city of Poznan for the first time. Our studio is honored to be invited to this event to create handmade books based on the event theme "LOVE".
I traveled through the streets and alleys of Guangzhou, struggling to find these sweet words in every casual corner, and captured them with my camera. This is a silly thing we often do when we are children and teenagers. At that moment, we are full of beautiful longings for love and believe in that vow until death. Of course, the handsome men and women who wrote these vows would be ashamed to see them now.
I bound these vows into a book and made them look like certificates, just like Stephen Chow said in the movie: "I love you. If I have to add a time limit to this love, I hope it will be ten thousand years!"
凭「制作独一无二的一本」作口号,「Here is ZINE」由东京创意团体enlightenment于2010年接手举办,邀请来自不同领域的创意人参与创作,至今已成功举办20届。2021年,「Here is ZINE」的精神再次联合香港miniminigallery及深圳前沿艺穗艺术中心作为合作单位,并首次延伸到欧洲城市波兹南。本工作室荣幸受邀此次活动,以活动主题“LOVE”为基础进行手工书创作。

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