Ten Thousand Kilometers  /  PUPPET
一万公里  /  傀儡专辑

DESIGNER : Hu Zhenchao / He Sijing
3D MODELING : He Sijing
YEAR : 2023

  Music       Vinyl record  
" Ten Thousand Kilometers " is a rock album by the band Puppet, whose musical work is as cold and powerful as a knife, but the humanistic concern hidden behind it is like a shimmering light in the darkness. Therefore, I used this "knife" to cut through the black cover in the design, and the two sides of the "wound" are slightly upturned. Through the slit, the colorful painting inside can be found (painted by the band's creator).
This work is also my reflection on the traditional record design. With the development of digital music, the packaging style of physical records is at a tipping point of change. When the "wound" on the cover is presented in a sculptural way, it blurs the line between graphic design and industrial design, with the intention of breaking the traditional record's single packaging style and digital cover. The only way to experience the feeling that digital records cannot bring is to hold a physical record in your hands, so that physical records can find a new meaning of existence in the digital era.


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