Back to Haifeng Concert / Double CD album / WUTIAOREN
回到海丰音乐会 / 五条人双CD专辑

DESIGN : Hu Zhenchao
YEAR : 2015
  Music       Vinyl record  
This album is a live recording of the WUTIAOREN "Return to Haifeng Concert in 2017".
Starting in 2008, the band has been returning to their hometown of Haifeng County every Chinese New Year to hold a concert, a tradition that continued until 2017. It gradually became another fixed festival for the local youth during the Chinese New Year. Therefore, for the 2017 concert, I designed a poster with a local totem flag, which is an important symbol of traditional festivals in the coastal regions of southern China, representing the significance of the festival. 
For some reasons, there were no audiences at the scene in 2017, but about 70 audiences did not refund their tickets. To express their gratitude, we made this special edition album and gave it to them during the Spring Festival in 2018. So in addition to the record, it also contains a performance poster, a red envelope with a seat number card, and a very folk red gift bag used during festivals.

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