Drink like a general / WUTIAOREN / China Tour 2015
像将军那样喝酒 / 五条人2015全国巡演

DESIGNER : Hu Zhenchao
YEAR : 2015
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The theme of the poster "Drink Like a General" is taken from a song in WuTiaoRen's new album. The song's singing has a folk drama flavor, and so do the lyrics. So I found this tiger from the stage background of Haifeng folk drama. From its cry of "I amhungry very much!" to another song "Zou Gui" by the Wutiao Ren Band, it is intended to break the seriousness of the picture and create a dramatic effect.
主视觉“老虎”的造型源于海丰县白字戏(民间传统戏剧)的舞台背景(下文图四的背景),“像将军那样喝酒”这首歌无论词曲唱腔都带有民间戏剧成分元素与韵味,也是五条人音乐中重要的组成部分;故将“老虎”比喻“将军”,从它口中喊出的“I am hungry very much !”则出至五条人乐队另外一首歌曲《走鬼》,意在消解传统的严肃性同时构建戏剧感。

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