Canton Girl / WUTIAOREN
广东姑娘 / 五条人专辑

DESIGN : Hu Zhenchao
CLIENT : Modern Sky
YEAR : 2015
  Music       Vinyl record  
In 2015, Wu Tiao Ren released their third studio album. Compared with the alternative designs of the band's first two albums, the band proposed to return to the traditional plastic shell for this album, which was the classic style of the pirated CDs they sold when they were "Zougui". We transformed the left side of the traditional CD shell into a rotating light in a hair salon, and the cover is a photo of the three members of the band in the rehearsal room - another tribute to the classic European and American band album covers in the pirated CD era. The pattern on the back cover comes from a common plastic tablecloth pattern in Guangdong, which is cheap and beautiful, just like the scene in the song.

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