The Hearty

DESIGNER : Hu Zhenchao
YEAR : 2023
"The Hearty" is a documentary-style column produced by Tencent SSV. The program invites practitioners in the field of social values ​​to tell the stories of people and things they care about in the places they care about. The column follows the stories around them in a sustainable mode, explores a corner of the world, and realizes the sustainability of "care".
Our creative concept starts from the value of the program and emphasizes the mutual assistance relationship between people. One vertical line represents the helper and the other is the object of help. No matter which line, they can get the spiritual and material they need from this process, so this is an equal relationship and rely on each other to form a triangle that gives people a safe and reliable feeling. The triangle releases the space for imagination: like a solid roof, like a pair of people, like the word "people", and like the derivative of the Tencent SSV logo.

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