Last Night I Dreamed I Wandered Again /  WUTIAOREN
昨夜我又梦见自己去流浪 / 五条人专辑

COVER PHOTO : Wu Guanxiong
CLIENT :  Modern Sky
YEAR : 2020
  Music       Vinyl record  
Compared with previous albums of the band, this is an album that seems to have no aesthetic value, because the concept we convey has nothing to do with visual beauty and ugliness, but rather the scene of the photo without visual judgment. The beauty and ugliness of vision is like the pleasantness of music, but the noise, improvisation and experimental nature of the band's current music creation have long been out of the scope of pleasantness. Similarly, the cover is a photo with no aesthetic value, but it is full of poetry: this is an underground parking lot in a county town. The security guard has posted a map of the world and China on the wall, a plastic fake peach blossom, and a few stones. I posted the photos taken by the band on the Portuguese seaside on surveillance TV. This is a dialogue between China and the world, and between the county and European cities. And it is packaged in a hardcover book to highlight this "poetry".

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