DESIGNER : Hu Zhenchao
YEAR : 2023
“YUE+ space” is the first culture and art experimental space incubated by Ye Club, which is Yuexiu Property‘s community brand. Originally, it was a “corner” space in a commercial building at Guangzhou central axis, as well as a “grey space” that was not utilized, Allowing the originally inconspicuous space to be re-activated and expanding its boundaries through continuous exhibitions, salons and other content.
"樾"means shade of trees in Chinese, that is also one of the most representative public spaces in local life. It is an imaginative treatment of the shade tree under the light. The “branch” is the smallest unit of the shade, and it is visualized as the letter “Y”. Adding the dimension of time to this, the dynamic extension of the angle of the Y is used to interpret the area of the shade and the flow of light and time. The "light" and "shade" form time, cyclical and endless, symbolizing the imagination and temperature of culture and art and daily life. The process of a tree branch growing into a big tree also symbolizes the spatial growth of "YUE+ space" - the creative team interpreted different scenarios of the space, such as a bookstore, a cafe, an art store and so on through this concept. This, together with the environmental graphic system consisting of tree branches, makes up the living, artistic and narrative nature of the brand's vision.
「樾 +space」是越秀地产社群品牌孵化的首个文化艺术实验空间,是广州市中轴商业体中的“边角料”空间,通过持续的 展览、沙龙等内容拓展其边界。
樾即树荫,是生活中最具代表性的公共空间之一,将光线下树木的遮荫进行意象处理, “树枝”是树荫的最小单位,将其形态具象为字母 Y 的视觉符号,通过 Y 的角度动态延伸变化,演绎树荫的面积和光线、时间的流动,“光”与“阴”组成了时间, 循环往复,生生不息,象征着文化艺术与生活日常的想象与温度。树枝长成大树的过程,也象征着「樾+space」的空间生长,创作团队通过这一概念演绎了空间的不同场景,如书店、咖啡、艺术商店等,和“树枝”组成的环境图形系统共同组成了品牌视觉的生活性、艺术性与叙事性。

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