SHAMULI / Zhang Weiwei
沙木黎 / 张玮玮专辑

CLIENT : Zhang Weiwei / Hu Zhenchao
DESIGNER :  Hu Zhenchao
YEAR : 2023
  Music       Vinyl record  
"Shamuli" is a concept album released by Zhang Weiwei after a lapse of ten years. It presents a middle-aged texture. The dark frosted red shell is like a red house, wrapped in bottomless black. The clouds are looming under the faint line. It is so quiet that once you breathe, everything will disappear. ——This is the atmosphere and temperament that the visual tries to create. This atmosphere comes from the huge space created by the combination of the text of the music work and the synthesizer sound, a physical space and an imaginary space. At the same time, the extreme restraint and calmness of this visual expression also echoes the author's personal character and consistent aesthetic pursuit.
Different from the previous album design, this time it tries to use structure and touch to present Zhang Weiwei's new music, rather than the traditional "cover graphic". The graphic and text design are compressed to the extreme, and even the three words "Shamuli" on the shell are not easy to detect. This is also the appearance of "Shamuli", the character created by the author-it is hidden in each of our hearts, waiting to be discovered.

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