inD Guangzhou Art Book Fair
inD 广州艺术书展

DESIGN : Hu Zhenchao / He Sijing / Lv Jiewen
CLIENT : 未来社 / Design 360
YEAR : 2022
  Exhibition & Event  
For the visual identity of the inD Guangzhou Art Book Fair, we developed a "semi-automatic" generation system.
The term "automatic" refers to the transformation of individual text nodes into graphics by stretching them vertically or horizontally, creating the appearance of books on a shelf when combined. This process from text to graphic to book describes the fundamental process of the birth of each book.
More importantly, due to the diversity of Chinese font styles, the stretched graphics take on various forms, bringing about a peculiar aesthetic while still retaining readability. This blurs the boundaries between text and graphics, corresponding to the diversity and artistry of art books. An unexpected surprise is that, under such treatment, Chinese fonts are more diverse and variable than Western fonts.
"Manual" control involves arranging text horizontally or vertically on the page, adjusting its stretching and skewing angles, turning each page into a slot in a bookshelf, with each character representing a book in everyday life.

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