CLIENT : Hu Zhenchao / Renke
DESIGNER : Hu Zhenchao
ILLUSTRATION : Liu Caichen / Hu Zhenchao
YEAR : 2023
"LONELY STATION" is a personal EP by RenKe, one of the main creators of the Wu Tiao Ren band. It contains three songs: two original works with personal lyrics and music, and a cover of an electronic version of "Platform" from the 1980s. This song is also a source of visual inspiration. We placed the platform in space in an attempt to create a straightforward sense of loneliness, and hid the musicians' figures in it, trying to create a "retro-futuristic" visual experience; at the same time, Ren Ke added mosquito coils to the planet, making it more absurd and realistic. In this way, whether it is the theme or the narrative technique, it is still very Ren Ke, and it also has the same goal as Wu Tiao Ren.
《Lonely Station》是五条人乐队主创之一仁科的个人EP,包含了三首歌曲:两首个人词曲原创作品和翻唱一首80年代《站台》电子版本。此曲也是视觉上的灵感来源,我们将站台置于太空企图制造直白的孤独感,并把音乐人的人影隐藏其中,试图营造一种“复古未来主义”视觉感受;同时,仁科在星球的基础上,加入蚊香,使其多了几分荒诞与现实。这样,无论是主题、叙事手法,仍旧非常仁科,也与五条人殊途同归。

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